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Welcome to Kenya!!

Kenya, the birthplace of “safari” has been considered one of the world’s perfect dream destinations for people who want to enjoy different experiences everyday. Its topography is a study of contrasts ranging from the semi arid regions to snow capped mountain, sandy coastlines to freshwater lakes, Open savannah grasslands to fertile plantations, extinct volcanoes to coral reefs.


Kenya lies on the equator and is bordered on the north by Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia; Uganda and Lake Victoria lie to the west; Tanzania and Mount Kilimanjaro are to the south while the Indian Ocean lies to the east.

generally the climate is cool and humid in the central highlands, warm and humid at the coast, hot and dry in the north and east. There are two rainy seasons; the long rains; - between March and May and the short rains which fall between October and December.

Kenya has an estimated population of 34 million people and a diverse population comprising of 42 ethnic groups.

The capital city

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) which is the largest and busiest airport in East and Central Africa is located there. It serves as a transit hub for major airlines as well as the gateway for visitors to Africa's treasured game parks, cultural heritage, scenic landscapes and business opportunities.

Public holidays

1st January - New Year
Good Friday and Easter Monday
1st May - Labour Day
1st June - Madaraka Day
10th October - Moi Day
20th October - Kenyatta Day
12th December - Jamhuri Day
25th December - Christmas Day
26th Boxing Day
Idd-ul-Ftr (End of Ramadhan)

When the dates above fall on a sunday then monday is a public holiday

All incoming visitors to Kenya (except East African Citizens)
will require a visa and this can be obtained from Kenyan High commissions and Embassies abroad prior to departure or upon arrival. However,  Citizens of the following countries need to have a visa prior to arrival in Kenya:

(1) Senegal
(2) Lebanon
(3) Iran
(5) Iraq
(6) Syria
(7) Libya
(8) Mali
(9) Sudan
(10) Nigeria
(11) Yemen
(12) Cameroon
(13) Pakistan
(14) North Korea
(15) Stateless Persons
(16) Armenia
(17) Georgia
(18) Tajikistan
(19) Azerbaijan
(20) Afghanistan

Kindly Check with the local Kenya mission well in advance for more updated information.


The following are the recommended vaccinations for Kenya and certificate might be required for entry into, or travel between some African countries.

Hepatitis A
Yellow fever
Hepatitis B

You may import personal effects like binoculars, cameras and films temporarily into the country without a permit but a customs bond will be required for video equipment, musical instruments, radios cine and slide projectors and tape recorders during your stay. Consumables in small amounts of one liter of alcohol, a quarter liter of perfume, fifty cigars, two hundred cigarettes or quarter kilogram of tobacco will be allowed duty free. Obscene literature is not allowed. Pets accompanied by a recent health certificate and special permission from the Commissioner of Customs will be allowed. These are, however, not allowed into the National Parks /Reserves. Firearms cannot be imported without an import certificate from the Central Firearms Bureau

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