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Catering for travelers to the entire East Africa region, The Eriksen Adventure has the following safaris available in each of the countries mentioned below across a whole spectrum of interests.


Kenya a land that beckons, calling the traveler to come and partake of its diverse beauty. With a wide range of attractions including numerous game sanctuaries, forests, mountains, desert lands, valleys and pristine beaches that extend over 500 kilometers. These variations in altitude and terrain create contrasts in the climate - from the hot humidity of the coast to the cold, sometimes frosty, early mornings of the central highlands warm and the dry burning heat of the northern deserts.

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Tanzania is the largest of the East African nations, and it possesses geography as mythic as it is spectacular. The climate of Tanzania varies quite a bit, considering that its environment includes both the highest and the lowest points on the continent. While the narrow lowland coastal region is consistently hot and humid, the central regions of Tanzania are sufficiently elevated so as to offer much cooler temperatures.

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Mount Kenya  highest mountain. Straddling the equator, it's icy summit reaches to 5,199 m. The National Park consists of all areas above 3,200 m. The mountain actually consists of three distinct zones: the volcanic peak zone, with its endless glaciers and snowfields; the alpine zone, with its distinctive giant vegetation such as groundsels; and the lower slopes, with their thick forest and bamboo vegetation.

Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest Mountain in Africa at 5,896 m above sea level. It’s located at the north /Eastern tip of   Tanzania. For adventurous, a climb of Mt.Kilimanjaro is a must taking you through the mists of equatorial jungle to reach the snows and breathtaking views from the summit.

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