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Mount Kenya  highest mountain. Straddling the equator, it's icy summit reaches to 5,199 m. The National Park consists of all areas above 3,200 m. The mountain actually consists of three distinct zones: the volcanic peak zone, with its endless glaciers and snowfields; the alpine zone, with its distinctive giant vegetation such as groundsels; and the lower slopes, with their thick forest and bamboo vegetation.
Mount Kenya has always attracted curious hikers and adventurers, including the turn of the century British geographer/explorer Halford Mackinder. To most modern day adventurers, climbing to the peak of Mount Kenya is still a challenge requiring extensive mountain climbing skills. Nevertheless, most visitors are able to reach the more accessible Point Lenana at 4,985 m and many visitors enjoy simple high altitude walks.
Wildlife below the Park boundary include elephant, buffalo, antelope, and the rare bongo, also found in the nearby Aberdares. Most wildlife can be viewed from Mountain Lodge on the south side of the mountain. Mount Kenya can be climbed anytime of the year. However, the best times for visiting Mount Kenya and the National Park are December to February and July, August through to early October, when there are no rains.


  • Sleeping Bag,

  • Hiking boots

  • Walking poles

  • Gaiters: To keep mud, rocks, and snow out of your boots.

  • Water purification: This is essential as water for drinking is taken directly from mountain streams.

  • 1 set of thermal underwear (top & bottom)

  • 1 light tower

  • warm  woolen sweater

  • 2 pairs of thermal socks liner

  • sleeping pad/mat

  • A pair of  heavy gloves

  • Balaclava

  • Wool hat

  • 1 pair of track suit top & bottom

  • A pair of sunglasses

  • A warm scarf

  • A bandana

  • A brimmed hat

  • Water proof jacket

  • A pair of gaiters



Day 1: Nairobi/Nanyuki

mt. kenyaAfter breakfast, you will be picked up from the Nairobi hotel. Drive to Nanyuki town, a town set on the foot hills of Mt.Kenya.After lunch spend the rest of the afternoon acclimatizing and sorting out and organizing all your requirements for your trip. Dinner and overnight at nanyuki budget hotel.

DAY 2:Nanyuki/Old Moses
After breakfast, drive to the sirimon track gate. Hike to old Moses hut in an averange hiking time of 3 hours, lunch enroute. This is hiking is very essential for acclimatization and quit educative as far as vegetation is concerned. Dinner and overnight at the hut, which is 3300 m above sea level.

DAY 3:Old Moses/Shipton

An early start from shiptons, altitude 4,200m in an average hiking time of 6 hours, lunch enroute. Sirimon route lies on northwestern side of mt Kenya and generally escapes some rainfall making it drier than other routes, most times of the year. Dinner and overnight at the hut

DAY 4:Shiptons/Point Lenana/ Mackiders

Wake to a pre-down attempt of point lenana, 4985 m above sea level. If you fortunate and the weather is clear you may see Mt kilimanjaro south,Mt Elgon to the west and also the Indian ocean to the east. After your photography and viewing opportunity, surrounded by glaciers and ice rock caves, descend leisurely to the Mackinders camp on the Naromoru trail, Meals enroute.The altitude here is 4200m.The hut is on the Teleki valley opposite the main peak. Descend will about 5 hours. Dinner and overnight at the hut.

DAY 5:Mackiders/Nairobi
After breakfast, descend to the Met station in roughly 3 hours and catch your transport to Naromoru town for lunch then board your transport to Nairobi, arriving in the evening.


DAY 1:Nairobi/ Naromoru

mt. kenyaAfter breakfast, depart Nairobi for Naromoro town where you will spend the night at the Youth hostel after sorting our and organizing any gear you may require to hike up the Mountain which also serves as an acclimatization process as the Naromoru is roughly 2000 metres above sea level.

DAY 2:Naromoru/Met Station
Drive to the Naromoru park gate and hike a distance of 9 kilometers in an average hiking time of 4 hours. Rest of the day at leisure continuing with the
Gradual process of acclimatization. Dinner and overnight at the hut, which is 3000 m above sea level

DAY 3:Met Station/ Mackinders Hut
After breakfast, hike up the teleki valley to Mackinder’s camp where is a spectacular view of the main peaks. The walking time will be 5 hours approximately. Meals and overnight at the hut, the altitude here is 4200m.

DAY 4:Mackinders Hut/ Lenana/ Mackinders

You will wake up to a pre-down attempt of point lenana. An early start ensures a successful summit bid and weather permitting, for a clear view of majestic view scenery. Point lenana stands at 4985 m above sea level. Descend to Mackinder’s camp for dinner and overnight at the hut, having conquered Mt.Kenya.

DAY 5:Mackinders Hut/ Nairobi Via Nairobi.
After breakfast, descend down to met station and on the park gate into 3-4 hours time. Drive to Naromoro town for lunch then return to Nairobi arriving in the afternoon.

Day 1: Nairobi - Nanyuki
mt. kenyaDeparture from Nairobi at 0900 hrs to Nanyuki
and stop at the Equator briefly. Continue to Nanyuki where you check in your hotel.
Afternoon is spending acclimatizing and organizing the entire requirement for your trip preparing for the hike. Dinner and overnight at the Nanyuki simbas lodge.

DAY 2: Nanyuki – Old moses
After breakfast transfer to Sirimon gate and hike to Old Moses camp for overnight (3300m), 3 to 4 hrs hikes (9kms). Old Moses is where you acclimatize as you also come across different vegetation.

DAY 3: Old Moses - Shiptons
After breakfast Hike to Shipton's camp (4200m )through Liki and Makinders valley for overnight (6 to 8 hrs hikes) 17 kms.

DAY 4: Shiptons – Pt Lenana – Old Moses
Attempt point Lenana (4985m) at 0300 hrs and descend directly to Old Moses (Judmair) Camp for overnight

Day 5: Old Moses – park gate – Nairobi.
After breakfast descend to Sirimon Park Gate to catch your vehicle to your next destinatio


Day 1 :After breakfast,drive leaisurely from Nairobi Into the Mt. Kenya forest for the 22 km drive to the Park Gate at 2,850m. Dependent on road conditions, these 22 km have been known to take all afternoon to do and in really wet conditions it is possible that the top four or five km may be impassable. Night, dependent on clients wishes, at the Meru Mt. Kenya Banda's or at roadhead a further 7 km from the Park Gate.

Day 2 : After breakfast and sorting of porter loads we set off up the mountain at a nice and easy pace . A slightly longer walk via Lake Ellis gives scenic views of Mugi, Ithunguni and the Giants BilliardsTable, whilst if we follow the river near roadhead, upstream for about 3 km, the foreground scenery and flora is particularly beautiful. Lunch by the stream banks then it's time to cut up the left hand hillside to our camp at about 3,600m, well away from any of the more "touristy" areas.

Day 3 : After breakfast, we continue to move up through the moorland zone. As this area of the mountain is still off the beaten track, there are no paths to follow, and on each trip we vary the area we walk across. After about an hour, traverse left and join a ridge (slight path to follow) and join the normal Chogoria route to Minto's Hut after about 4 hour walking. Lunch at a small stream crossing then 45 min on to a camp near Minto's Hut and next to one of the tarns. Very short afternoon walk over to superb views across to "The Temple" and down to Lake Michaelson.

Day 4: After pre dawn breakfast leave Mintos Hut for the summit passing near the Simba Tarn and Harris Tan to Point Lenana which is appproximately 4 - 5 hours. After the sunrise at 6.30 and nice views of Kilimanjaro and the Coast line descend back to Mintos for full breakfast and thereafter descend to Meru Mount Kenya Lodge(Bandas) having our lunch at the Roadhead. Dinner and overnight at the Bandas.

Day 5: After breakfast walk for 15km downhill through the denses rain and bamboo forests to connect the 4WD jeep to Chogoria Town. Then after lunch at chogoria drive back to Nairobi for your next destination.


mt. kenyaDAY 1 Nairobi - Nanyuki
Departure from Nairobi is at 9.00 am to Nanyuki for dinner and overnight.

DAY 2 Nanyuki - Old Moses
After breakfast vehicle transfer to Sirinom route hike to Old Moses camp for overnight (3300 m ) 4 to 6 hrs. hike.

DAY 3 Old Moses -Shipton's Camp
Hike to Shipton’s camp (4200 m) for overnight (5 to 7 hrs. hike)

DAY 4 Shipton's Camp - Point Lenana
Attempt to Point Lenana lunch enroute (4985 m ) and descend to mintos hut for overnight.

DAY 5 Minto's Hut - Chogoria Gate
Hike leisurely to Chogoria park gate (3020 m) for overnight.

DAY 6 Park Gate - Nairobi

Descend leisurely to Chogoria town for transfer back to Nairobi.

Day 1 Nairobi – Timau – North Mt. Kenya
Morning departure from Nairobi and transported to the Timau road head where you will begin your trek up Mt. Kenya from the north. (Overnight in high altitude mountains tents - Timau road head).

Day 2 North Mt. Kenya - Western Marania River
Hiking across beautiful northern moorland of Mt. Kenya with its unique flora and possibly seeing some of the wildlife, which wander up those northern slopes - zebra, eland, etc. Camp near the Western Marania River.

Day 3 Marania River Camp – Kathita East drainage
Continue your trek over rolling moorland country to camp at the headwaters of the Kathita East drainage.

Day 4 Kathita East drainage – Hall Tarns
Hike up to the spectacular Hall Tarns where the beautiful rock formation known as the Temple stands guard over Lake Michaelson 1000 vertical feet below.

Day 5 Hall Tarns – Lake Michaelson
Penetrate the defences of the Temple and descend to Lake Michaelson. Truly a trekker’s paradise.
Day 6 Lake Michaelson – Mackinders Camp
An early start to ensure a successful summit bid for our main objective Pt. Lenana (16,355 ft.) Descend to Mackinders Camp on the Naro Moru Track.

Day 7 Mackinders Camp - Nairobi
Descend the mountain via the Naro Moru Route completing a fine circuit. Connect transport back to Nairobi.


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