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TEA-JSR-Jinja - Source of River Nile


railJinja, one of Uganda's better known cities, lies at the point where the River Nile begins its long journey (6,500 km) to the Mediterranean Sea. The western side of the town is defined by the River Nile.The almost exclusive use of bicycle taxis around the town centre makes for a more laid back approach to life in Uganda’s second largest city. A recent campaign to clean up the streets and shop fronts has made Jinja even more attractive. The varied architecture dating from the early to middle of the last century adds extra appeal to the town.

Wise town planning has left most of the riverside open to all, with the Golf Course unwinding along the banks and the Source of the Nile providing a pretty focal point to flow of water from Lake Victoria’s only outlet. Prior to the Owens Falls Dam being completed in 1954 and the majestic Rippon Falls being submerged, the roar of millions of litres of water dropping 4 meters provided a lullaby to townspeople. The Nile has always been a major obstacle to human movement between eastern and central Africa and wasn’t spanned until the railway bridge was completed in 1930.

riverJinja was known as the ‘place of the flat rocks’. It provided a focal point for travelers and many of the people living in the small settlement beside the mouth of the river made a living providing ferry services. The town began to grow towards the end of the 19th Century and with the building of a port, Jinja became better connected by lake steamers with Port Florence (now Kisumu), Port Bell and other centres around the Lake. In 1912 a short railway called the Busoga Railway, running from Jinja to Namasagali, was opened. The large rivercotton producing areas around Lake Kyoga were given an export route that ran through the storage sheds at Jinja. In 1923 the Uganda Railway was completed as far as Jinja and relatively easy access by land to Nairobi and the Kenyan coast became a reality.

For the traveler Jinja offers an excellent base for exploration of the River Nile and the Lake Victoria Islands. Accommodation ranges from the budget establishments that include campsite to middle range hotels and first class resorts. Please contact The Eriksen Adventure for customized itineraries in this part of Uganda.


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