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Kenyan coast of Mombasa is a place with a long and exotic history. Being the second largest city in Kenya, it plays an important role in the Country’s economy not only for its imports and exports through its port which is the largest in East Africa, but also as a Kenya’s major tourist destination area.

Its white sandy beaches and coral reefs, coupled with an array of hotels on the beachfront along the south and the northern coast, its tourist attraction centers and history characterizes Mombasa as an ideal place for a perfect vacation


TEA-GRM-Gedi Ruins Malindi
gedi ruinsOn the North coast of Mombasa towards the town of malindi lays one of the most pre-historic ruins found in the Mombasa, called the gedi ruins. Gedi was a small town built entirely from rocks and stones which was inhabited by a few thousands Swahili people and ruled by a very rich sultan. These ruins preservation most of the original foundations can still be seen today. A well-informed and educated guide gives a tour of the law and their preservation area a direct reflection of the commitment of the government to uphold the country’s cultural and historical background.

TEA-BNT-Bamburi Nature Trails:
The Bamburi nature trail is the largest animal sanctuary in mombasa located in Bamburi next toe the cement factory, the nature trail boasts an enormous variety of animals, reptiles, insects, and botanical gardens, walking along the trail is the ideal way to look at the various animals, and on many occasions holding or feeding a reptile such as a snake is allowed under close supervision of a guide. Educational videos are also shown, with emphasis on the history and continuous improvements of the trail. it was  previously a barren pike of land that had been stripped  of its resources through limestone mining and was redeveloped  through reforestation and conservation efforts and is now a habitat for a large number of  flora and fauna species.

TEA-MV-Mamba village:
Mamba village, which is situated in the Nyali, is east Africa’s largest crocodiles farm. A tour of the farm starts with a movie on the life cycle and behavior   of crocodiles, followed by a comprehensive tour of the rest of farm and ends with the highlight of the day, a spectacular s scene of blood thirsty crocodiles fighting for food during feeding time. Excellent cuisine is available at the mamba restaurant and the house specialty is superbly grilled crocodiles meat. Souvenirs of your visit can be bought at the Mamba souvenir shop located within the village.

TEA-FJ-Fort Jesus:
fort jesusFort Jesus is Mombassa’s most popular tourist attraction. The fort located along the coastline near the old town is a monumental piece of architecture that was built in the 16th century by the Portuguese .The fort has a museum that displays various artifacts from the era where mombasa served as a transit point for the slave trade and commodities and which enjoyed regular visits by sea farers and the like. Its interior comprises of torture rooms and prison cells where slaves were kept in captivity before being traded. Weapon such as canons which were used to defend the fort from invading foreigners as well as rioting locals can be seen both inside and outside of the fort. The fort opens its gates for viewing in the morning and closes at dusk.

TEA-TED-Tamarind Evening Dhow:
An evening cruise  aboard a traditional  dhow and enjoy the perfect combination of good food and music and romantic atmosphere  on this leisurely  cruise in Mombasa old harbour.Highlights include a sumptuous seafood meal, dancing under the stars and a gentle sail pas the peaceful    creek of Mombsa Island.

TEA-WIK-Full day Wasini Island and Kisite Sea Adventure.
beachWelcome to a day of ultimate pleasure in the richest marine park at the Kenyan coast, depart early morning for the tranquil fishing village of shimoni,close to the Tanzania border .The  scenic route takes you through lush coconut  and cashew  nuts plantations and the colorful villages of the Digo people.

At shimoni  jet board  an  authentic motorized lamu dhow which  cruise and sail you through  enchanting seascape of islands to the underwater splendors of the kisite marine park.Here snorkellers  will marvel at the incredible  variety of marine life in the shallow  and warm waters  around kisite island; the venue for numerous  birds.

We escort scuba divers to explore a number of excellent alive sites, also teeming with an astounding variety of marine life, which inhabitant the magnificent coral reefs in an around the park.

A sumptuous Swahili style seafood lunch is served at wasini island restaurant, thereafter visit the traditional Muslim village before returning to your hotel in the late afternoon.

TEA-SNP-Shimba Hills National Park .
For a contrasting excursion from the coast, shimba hills national reserve is an easy drive and offers beautiful, lush scenery .It has a unique and botanically rich coastal rainforest, two of Kenya’s most beautiful orchids can be found here. Another rare species, unique to the reserve, is the sable antelope with its handsome near-black coat. Buffaloes, elephants, giraffes, lions and several primates are found here. The best places to see wildlife are on the flat grasslands near the spectacular sheldrick’s falls and on the longo plains near Giriama point with a tremendous view over rolling parkland to the escarpment, from where you can look out to the Indian Ocean. There are number of short walking trails of elephant look out and pengo fill and the falls.


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